The guy you meet in a nightclub

Partying in your 20s is a given. What’s more fun than getting dressed in your tightest skirt, downing copious amounts of cheap spirits in your living room with mates and hightailing it to your local nightclub? Staying in, the introverts among you may mutter. But even introverts in their early 20s can be peer pressured into drinking too much and dancing like an idiot for a night.

How your night begins

After getting the obligatory club tramp stamp on your wrist/hand, you squeeze through crowds of people in search of your next hit of alcohol. It’s always a bit of a minefield. You need to dodge big drunk guys sloshing their beer around. And watch out for the heavily made up girls linked like paper doll chains. You could cop an arm in the boobs.

If you’ve safely made it through to the bar, you’ll either meekly wait your turn or elbow rude guys trying to push their way to the front. After what feels like an eternity, you’ll get the standard vodka lime sodas for you and your pals and make your way through the crowd to a decent spot on the dance floor.

The DJ will blast popular club music and you’ll form a little dance circle with your mates. It’s at this point where random guys will circle your group and try to hook up with you or your mates. Usually the first round of guys who approach your group are really gross. Or maybe you’re just not drunk enough at this point.

How you hook up with the nightclub guy

After two extra drinks at the club, things will get good. You’ll feel cosily hazy and have a good time dancing with your mates. It’s around this point where you eye a cute guy not far from you. He’s with a couple of his mates and they’re doing their own thing. You lock eyes and it’s on. You know what’s going to happen. He’ll give you the ‘look’ and start to make his way in your direction. You’re in girlfriend.

You’re drunk and in normal circumstances wouldn’t be brave enough to make the first move. But he’s cute and he’s really close to you so it’s not a huge effort to reach up and kiss him.

How you end up dating the nightclub guy

Now most girls on a night out just want a simple pash from a random stranger and then move on. Sometimes though, the guy takes your number and actually texts you the next day. You’re single and it’s just texting right?

Wrong my friend. You will continue to text him and go on dates. Suddenly, you’re dating him. This will last for a maximum of two months. And sure most of the dates are actually really fun. You’ll go to the movies, you’ll go on picnics and you’ll do cute shit like mini golf. But when it comes down to it, eventually it’ll end. Maybe because he’s commitment-phobic similar to the Work guy or maybe he found a hotter version of you. Who knows? It’ll hurt, but you’ll get over it. And to be honest, you’ll probably hook up with another guy on another night out and start the cycle again.

Lessons to learn?

Honestly, the main thing you should do when dating the night club guy is really get to know him during those first three dates before you get more invested. You know nothing about this guy. He’s not a friend of a friend. You can’t even pre-screen him like you can on dating apps.

This story was written about a time prior to COVID-19….a time that feels years and years ago.

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