The guy who romances you

Growing up watching romantic comedies, you have unrealistic expectations about dating. You think guys will come on time, smartly dressed and present you with a gorgeous bouquet of roses. They’ll take you to expensive restaurants, dance with you on the beach or drive you to beautiful scenic lookouts. You get thoroughly disappointed when you start actively dating in your 20s. But don’t lose hope, out of the hundreds of dates you may go on, there will be one guy who romances you and you’ll giddily live out your own movie.

How it all starts

You never know how you’ll meet the romantic guy. You might find him unintentionally on a dating app, in a café or maybe he’ll be an old friend that you never considered before. You can’t go searching for the romantic guy. He just appears in your life like a delicious block of chocolate right when you start PMS-ing. Enjoy that fancy block of Lindt. You never know when you’ll have to get used to Cadbury Fruit & Nut again.

Your expectations for dating will be at an all-time low. The last date you went on was a visit to the local library and a coffee with a guy wearing baggy jeans. He didn’t even buy your coffee.

The romantic guy meets you at a gorgeous park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. He brings a proper picnic basket and you bring the picnic rug. He unpacks a bottle of chilled Rosé, two plastic flutes, a punnet of strawberries and cheese. It’s simple, but has already won brownie points in your eyes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to chat with him about anything and everything. He’ll tell you about his job as a software engineer. You’ll chat about your job in media. The sun will be warm on your face as you lean back looking at his handsome face. 

The romantic dates

One of the benefits of the romantic guy is that he’s very thoughtful and only wants the best for you. He’ll suggest going to this new rooftop cinema and arrange the tickets. You’ll be taken aback by the beautiful sunset you see as you step out onto the rooftop. It’s only at the ticket stand that you find out he’s bought premium tickets so you get a ‘cuddle lounge’, popcorn and wine. You think, is this real? Am I actually being treated well for once? It won’t matter what movie you’re watching. The fact that he’s thought of such an amazing date and really delivered on it has you lovestruck.

The romantic guy cares about you having fun and enjoying yourself. You’re nervous about playing mini-golf because you kinda suck. He’ll intentionally mess up his score so that you don’t feel so bad when it takes you a billion attempts to hit the ball into the tacky tunnel. He keeps the cocktails coming and without asking, orders fries with extra chicken salt. There are no stupidly cliché movie moments, like him trying to teach you mini golf with his body. It’s just you and him having a good time.

The romantic guy takes action. You mention that you’ve never been down the south coast. Within the hour, he’s booked accommodation and a ‘surprise activity’. You enjoy a short road trip to a quiet beach town. You eat fish and chips on the beach. He defends you against menacing seagulls. The day after is the surprise activity, kayaking. You’ve never had a bigger arm workout. He takes over when it becomes too tiring for you. The day ends with twilight drinks and canapés at a restaurant on the water.

Advice for the romantic guy

  1. Don’t get too caught up in the romance. This is a pretty obvious one. And yet, because you’ve never been treated this well in your life, you may latch onto him for fear that you’ll lose him. By becoming that emotional leech in his life, you will do just that. Lose him, that is.
  2. Repay the favour. Don’t let the romantic dates be one-sided. Surprise him with cute dates too. Just don’t bend over backwards to cater to his needs like you did with the guy you wasted two years of your life with.
  3. Take it slow! It’s so easy to imagine marrying and having babies with your Disney Prince. But remember he’s a real person too. Don’t turn him into a fantasy. You may miss red flags or things that are dealbreakers for you.