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The guy who stands you up

It sounds like something straight out of a rom-com. Girl and guy agree on date. Guy stands up girl. Drama ensues. Guy does grand gesture. This is real life though. Read more about the guy who stands you up.

The guy who is barely legal

The guy who is barely legal Most girls growing up have crushes on guys the same age as them or slightly older. When you hit your early 20s, you start to become less picky. And you’re also at that experimental age where you think: Yeah, why not? Hell, you might even find you prefer dating

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The guy who won’t stop talking

It’s a fact in life that women tend to talk far more than men. On average, women will use about 20,000 words whereas men will only use about 7,000 words in a day.* Women like gossiping and chatting shit with their friends. It’s how they bond. Men prefer playing games and doing activities whilst with

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